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Recovering Data on Your Mac By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld Recovering data from your Mac can be quite difficult once the Trash folder is emptied. In many cases, getting back personal files on your Mac may result in only a partial recovery of your files and folders if you don't take the correct steps. ...Read More »
Video-Based Review of GridIron Flow 2.0 Essentials By Pedro Ruiz Think of Flow 2.0 essentials as a visual Dropbox for media assets, with versioning and time tracking. Let's take a look at a project I have setup. ...Read More »
Web Site Planning and Wireframing: Part 12 of 12 By Laurie Burruss In Web Site Planning and Wireframing: Hands-On Training, Laurie Burruss, director of digital media at Pasadena City College, demonstrates the essentials of creating a web site with a polished, professional appearance and a compelling user experience. The goal of this hands-on course is to deconstruct a web site's home page in order to identify its structural elements and feature set. Using Acrobat Pro and the web developer's toolkit, Laurie shows how to capture a homepage and create, in another layer, its visual framework (wireframe). ...Read More »
Web Site Planning and Wireframing: Part 11 of 12 By Laurie Burruss We're going to start by outlining the main structural elements of this homepage. So we've got our header area done, and now we are ready to do our content area. I'm going to scroll down to that area and I'm going to click on my tool that has text and a rectangle, and don't get too picky with this. Just try to guess- timate. These are not design or content creation tools. You just have to play along and they don't snap, so you just do your best job. ...Read More »
Web Site Planning and Wireframing: Part 10 of 12 By Laurie Burruss We're now ready to go and start creating our wireframe inside of Acrobat Pro. I'm going to my toolbar and launching Acrobat Pro version 9. You won't see much when it opens but don't fear. Come up to File and choose File > Create PDF > From File, or the keyboard shortcut is Command+N, Ctrl+N. I'll navigate out to my Desktop. ...Read More »
Drupal 6: Online Presentation of Data: Part 2 of 10 By Tom Geller Keep in mind that Drupal essentially is just an attractive and flexible interface to a back end database. So it's worthwhile to take a look at that database to understand what exactly happens when you create, modify, and delete content in Drupal. This understanding will make Drupal administration a lot clearer overall and it opens up a world of possibilities if you are an advanced programmer or a database administrator. ...Read More »
How to make a 3D Flash wedding photo gallery with songs By WIKI This tutorial will show you how to make 3D Flash wedding photo gallery without Adobe Flash.You can also add some beautiful songs for your wedding flash gallery.It can liven up your digital photos for unforgettable moments of the wedding.share it with friends and family must become your most precious memories.I bet you'll be agree with me if you see the 3D wedding flash gallery. ...Read More »
How to Make Flash Photo Slideshow with Music By WIKI This Flash slideshow tutorial is mainly about how to make Flash slideshow with music step by step. Just with same digital photos and a Flash slideshow creator software, you'll make a Flash slideshow in minutes and crazy Flash skills isn't needed. ...Read More »
Flash Browser Tracing On Mac, Windows, and Linux By Kevin Schmitt Ah, the simple, venerable trace command. Everyone who has ever written even a single line of ActionScript -- from the newbiest of designers to the most seasoned programming professional -- has doubtless become intimately familiar with this most basic, approachable, and useful command. But love turns to hate if you ever need to see what's going on when your Flash movie is playing in a browser, where seeing a simple trace can rapidly become an exercise in frustration. Fret no longer, fearless readers, as this guide aims to get everyone in on that sweet, sweet browser tracing action. ...Read More »
Full Browser Flash By Kevin Schmitt Let's face facts, folks: sometimes just scaling your entire Flash movie to an arbitrary window size won't cut it. A prime example of one of those times would be if you're using Flash to create Web-based applications, where your users would rightfully expect to have the application interface scale intelligently to the size of their browser window. Flex Builder can do this through a simple GUI panel, but the process is a little more involved if you're using Flash CS4 Professional, which is where we'll pick things up. ...Read More »
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